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This Gaming Chair Is Only For The Most Distinguished Of Players

When you think of Hendrick’s Gin, what first comes to mind? Is it a gaming chair? Probably not. Because that would be one weird product coming from a company who specializes in making one of the world’s most well-known (and tasty) spirits.

As it turns out, though, a gaming chair from Hendrick’s Gin isn’t so weird. And that’s because that’s exactly what the company has announced today. Hey, gamers of legal age enjoy the occasional cocktail too. The more interesting bit though is that this isn’t your typical gaming chair. As you can probably surmise by the image.

This is in fact a gaming chaise, and it’s meant entirely for unplugged play. Though we’d imagine it’s probably very comfortable for playing mobile games or kicking back with a controller. Also, it’s got a horn on it! Just in case you need to alert the townsfolk, your neighbors, roommates, or family.

Sit in the Hendrick’s gaming chair and feel like a well-to-do noble

Just looking at this thing, we want one. Even if it’s not really meant for playing PC or console games. And quite honestly, that’s ok. Sometimes you need a little bit of time to unplug and disconnect. Of course, wanting one and getting one is not the same thing.

And securing one of these gaming chaise’s isn’t going to be cheap. To acquire the only gaming chair in the world equipped with a horn, three support pillows (THREE!), hidden drawers and a foldout table for your favorite drink (it better include Hendrick’s Gin), you’ll need to cough up upwards of $4k.

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The exact price of the Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise is $3,988.08. On top of that, they’re extremely limited in quantity and you’re required to sign up if you’re interested in buying one.

It’s not quite available yet

If you’ve got the money to throw down on one of these ua luxurious sitting devices, you’ll be able to buy the gaming chaise soon. Hendrick’s says that the chair will be delivered just in time for the holidays, too.

So you have something to sit in while you sip holiday drinks and enjoy a game of Scrabble with family and/or friends. To get one, make sure to sign up at the official Hendrick’s Gin website.

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