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This is the Steam Deck’s box

Valve has shared a preview of the Steam Deck’s final package design ahead of the handheld gaming PC’s recently delayed launch date.

Each Steam Deck comes with the console and a carrying case, and Valve revealed in these photos that each device also comes with its own USB-C power supply, meaning you won’t have to source your own like you have to with many recent smartphones. The box also has a handful of fun Easter eggs for Valve superfans — I’ve spotted a few Portal references myself.

Valve says it’s testing the packaging design, so there could be some changes from what you see in the pictures when the Steam Deck ships next year. The company also says it has completed its design validation manufacturing build of the Steam Deck and that there will be “additional minor changes in the final product.”

Earlier this month, Valve delayed the Steam Deck’s launch by two months, from December 2021 to February 2022, due to global supply chain issues. The company revealed a lot of details about the device at a developer summit just a couple days later.


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