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This might be Samsung’s major camera update for Galaxy S23

Samsung may soon release a major update for the Galaxy S23 series. It is testing a new firmware build that seemingly contains more than just a security patch. We might be looking at the long-rumored camera update, which may arrive as early as June.

Spotted by Twitter user @tarunvats33, the new firmware for the Galaxy S23 series that Samsung is currently testing internally bears the build number S91*BXXU2AWEB. The testing appears underway in various parts of the world, including Europe, India, and China.

There’s no changelog available, so it’s unclear what the company is readying. However, there have been numerous rumors about a major camera update for the latest Galaxy flagships.

The said update is expected to bring a host of new features and camera improvements to the Galaxy S23 lineup, though some of them may be exclusive to the Ua model. Among them is the 2x zoom option for portrait shots. The devices currently let you capture portrait photos with no magnification (1x) or 3x magnification. The new 2x option will bring a balance between the two. Samsung was spotted testing this feature for the Galaxy S23 Ua last week.

The Korean firm also recently revealed that it is working on improved 2x zoom videos. Instead of digitally cropping videos right away, the Galaxy S23 Ua will switch to the 50MP mode before zooming in. This will help improve the image quality.

There are reports about Samsung improving low-light videos as well. Last but not least, the upcoming update should fix the HDR problem that’s causing a halo effect in photos captured in low-light environments. The company has confirmed that the next update for the Galaxy S23 lineup will fix this issue.

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This camera update for the Galaxy S23 series may arrive soon

That Galaxy S23 test firmware spotted last week had a file size of 1.5GB and a build number ending with WE9. The source of the latest information confirms that the current test build (WEB) is an update to WE9. We hope that means a nearing public release. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have a timeline regarding the rollout of this update.

The rollout may begin as early as next week or Samsung may make us wait some more time. Nonetheless, we will let you know as soon as the update arrives. You can also manually check for updates from the Settings app.

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