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TikTok Allows Creators To Attach Mini-Games To Their Videos

TikTok started testing mini-games on its platform a few months ago, and they were mostly aimed at entertaining users. However, the video-sharing app now allows creators to embed a mini-game in their videos. Creators can add mini-games by tapping the Add Link button and choosing the MiniGame option.

Once the user watches a video containing a mini-game, he can tap on the dedicated link and start playing the game. Jumping from a funny video to playing a mini-game could be a new and exciting experience.

TikTok is currently working with multiple game developers to bring their mini-games to its platform. Aim Lab is one of the most well-known partners of TikTok that offers Mr. Aim Lab’s Nightmare mini-game. Voodoo, Nitro Games, FRVR, and Lotum are other companies that work with TikTok.

“Currently, we’re exploring bringing HTML5 games to TikTok through integrations with third-party game developers and studios,” a TikTok spokesperson told TechCrunch.

TikTok creators can now add mini-games to their videos

Mini-games on TikTok are still in the early stages of development, and the company is working on the project to make them an integrated part of the app. All currently available mini-games in TikTok are free and don’t contain ads. However, the company may change its strategy in the future and use mini-games as a monetization tool.

For now, TikTok is evaluating how creators can employ mini-games and how users can interact with them. TikTok also allows users to record their gameplay and post it as a video.

The recent moves by TikTok and its parent company ByteDance all suggest that the Chinese video-sharing app has a master plan for gaming on its platform. ByteDance acquired game developer Moonton Technology last year. They’re also collaborating with Zynga to develop dedicated mobile games called Disco Loco 3D and Garden of Good.

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However, TikTok is not the only platform that is preparing to push into the gaming industry. Google, Apple, Facebook, and Netflix have announced their plan to bring games to their ecosystem. Since Meta platforms are becoming much like TikTok every day, it’s not surprising to see mini-games on Instagram too.

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