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TomTom AmiGO Comes As A New Navigation Platform For Android Auto

TomTom AmiGO is reportedly landing on Android Auto now, giving the platform one more navigation app for users to choose from. And, perhaps as importantly, an alternative to Google’s Maps or Waze navigation. All while maintaining the features that make the best navigation apps what they are.

What is TomTom AmiGO and what does it bring to Android Auto?

Now, the Android-based Android Auto platform is exactly what the branding says. It’s an Android ecosystem for vehicles, primarily centered around infotainment and navigation. So, of course, TomTom AmiGO acts as a redesigned navigation app based on the phone app, but for Android Auto. And that’s made possible by another recent change, allowing direct third-party development on that platform.

But what, exactly, is TomTom AmiGO?

Summarily, AmiGO is a navigation solution that works a lot like others of its kind on the platform. It displays navigation information with a clean map-based interface, with notifications for things like slow-downs, accidents, road hazards, speed traps, traffic jams, and more. Those notifications are, of course, relegated to a non-intrusive alert system. So users won’t be distracted from the road.

All of that information displays on the Android Auto head unit, with TomTom AmiGO running from the connected phone. But not requiring any interaction on the phone itself.

While ad-free, the app does feature some pretty advanced features too though. For example, accident, hazard, speed trap, and other reporting are primarily user-fed. That means the app has an interface for reporting those things, rather than paying for access to that data elsewhere. Once reported, the new addition shows up on everybody else’s screen too, as long as they’re using the app.

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This app is free so if you’re looking for an alternative…

Now TomTom AmiGO is not only community-based. It’s also a free-to-use app with no ads to get in the way either. So it may be worth a look for those who are looking for an alternative to the navigation they’re using now. And its similarities to Google’s Waze or Maps could make it a perfect alternative for those who are looking to get away from the Google ecosystem altogether, given recent news around the search giant.

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