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Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ua Cases – Updated March 2021

The best cases for the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ua need to be able to protect the phone, while also making it look rather stylish.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ua is one of the most expensive (non-foldable) phones on the market today, with a price tag of $1299. And getting a case that only costs $20 is definitely worth it, to protect it from any damage. We have rounded up the very best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ua cases, and listed them below.

This list includes clear cases, fabric cases, thin cases and much more. So that there is something for everyone.

Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ua Cases

Cost Where to buy
Samsung Kvadrat Cover $35 Amazon, Samsung
Samsung Leather Cover $50 Amazon, Samsung
Ringke Fusion $11 Amazon
Spigen Slim Armor CS $16 Amazon
Caseology Parallax $14 Amazon
Samsung Silicon Cover $30 Amazon, 
ESR Metal Kickstand Case $17 Amazon
OtterBox Symmetry Series Case $35 Amazon
Samsung Rugged Case $40 Amazon,

Best fabric case

Samsung Kvadrat Cover

Samsung Kvadrat Cover

  • Price: $34.99
  • Buy: Amazon,

Samsung has been making cases for its phones for a few years now, and they’ve gotten really good. They’ve gotten so good that about half of the cases on this best list for the Galaxy Note 20 Ua, are made by Samsung. Including the Kvadrat Cover.

The Samsung Kvadrat Cover is a really sleek looking case for the Galaxy Note 20 Ua. It comes in this red color seen above, as well as gray.

It’s not a clear case, so it doesn’t show off the mystic bronze color of the Galaxy Note 20 Ua, but it is fabric that does give you some nice grip to hold onto the phone. Which one might argue is even more important.

Samsung Kvadrat Cover – Amazon

Samsung Kvadrat Cover –

Best Leather Case

Samsung leather Cover

Samsung Leather Cover

  • Price: $49.99
  • Buy: Amazon,

The Samsung Leather Cover is a really great option for the Galaxy Note 20 Ua, because it makes the phone look classy, and adds some grip to the phone too. Allowing you to hold onto it, and never worry about dropping it.

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Samsung offers this leather case in three colors: black, brown and green. The green one looks really good, if we’re being perfectly honest.

Once this Leather Cover starts to age a bit, you’ll really see how great this case looks on the Galaxy Note 20 Ua.

Samsung Leather Cover – Amazon

Samsung Leather Cover –

Best clear case

Ringke Fusion case

Ringke Fusion

  • Price: $10.99
  • Buy: Amazon

The Ringke Fusion case is the best clear case available for the Galaxy Note 20 Ua.

This is because it does a few things well. It has reinforced sides and corners which will keep your phone from shattering when it hits the ground. Because we all know it is going to get dropped at some point. It also is completely clear and allows you to show off the look of the Galaxy Note 20 Ua. This is particularly important if you bought the Mystic Bronze.

Additionally, the Ringke Fusion is only $11, which makes it one of the cheaper options on this list.

Ringke Fusion – Amazon

Best wallet case

Spigen Slim Armor CS

Spigen Slim Armor CS 

  • Price: $15.99
  • Buy: Amazon

The Spigen Slim Armor CS is our favorite case for those that want a wallet case. It is able to hide a few cards in its backside, which you can easily slide out. And since most of your cards are supported by Samsung Pay, you won’t need to keep many in there.

This is also a really good case to protect your phone. Since it does have a rather thick bumper around it, that is going to protect it from falls and such. It also has a soft-touch backside that is going to make it easier to hold onto. All of which are great reasons to get this, never mind the fact that it is a great wallet case too.

Sigen Slim Armor CS – Amazon

Best looking case

Caseology Parallax

Caseology Parallax

  • Price: $13.99
  • Buy: Amazon
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The Caseology Parallax has long been one of our favorite cases for any smartphone. This is due to its relatively unique looking design, which does look really great too. It has a triangle pattern on the back, that is 3D.

Not only does that pattern look cool, but it works really well with grip. Making it easier to hold onto the phone.

Caseology Parallax is a dual-layer case too. With the soft part going against the phone and then a hard bumper that goes around that. This is to help protect it when it falls out of your hands, so that you won’t need to worry about it shattering. That’s always a good thing.

Caseology Parallax – Amazon

Best Silicon Case

Samsung Silicon Cover

Samsung Silicon Cover

  • Price: $29.99
  • Buy: Amazon,

The Samsung Silicon Cover is the best silicon case out there right now. And it’s also super minimal.

Samsung offers the Silicon Cover in all three colors that the Galaxy Note 20 Ua is available in: black, brown and white. The brown color is meant to match the “Mystic Bronze” color.

It’s a really good looking case, but be careful. If you get the black one, it is going to attract fingerprints, dust, dirt and everything else. The lighter colors usually aren’t as bad.

This is a good case to pick up if you want something that is going to give you some grip, but also offer up some class for your Galaxy Note 20 Ua.

Samsung Silicon Cover – Amazon

Samsung Silicon Cover –

Best kickstand case

ESR Metal Kickstand Case

ESR Metal Kickstand Case

  • Price: $16.99
  • Buy: Amazon

The ESR Metal Kickstand Case fits two different categories here, in our best cases list for the Galaxy Note 20 Ua. It’s a great looking clear case, and it is also a great kickstand case.

Since that display on the Galaxy Note 20 Ua is so good, you’re going to want to get yourself a case with a kickstand. So you can enjoy watching YouTube, and other videos on it, without holding it for long periods of time. And the ESR Metal Kickstand Case is great at doing just that.

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It doesn’t look as great with the kickstand there, but it is very useful to have.

ESR Metal Kickstand Case – Amazon

Best dual-layer case

OtterBox Symmetry Series Case

OtterBox Symmetry Series Case

  • Price: $49.95
  • Buy: OtterBox

For those that need some extra protection, but don’t quite need a rugged case, this is a really good option for you.

It’s a dual-layer case, so it has plenty of protection, if you do end up dropping your phone. Now, that does also mean that it is going to be a lot thicker and heavier. Which is going to suck a bit, since the Galaxy Note 20 Ua is already such a large smartphone. But it’s better than shattering your $1300 smartphone.

OtterBox does offer the OtterBox Symmetry Series Case in a few different colors. So there’s this Cake Pop Pink, as well as Earl Grey and Black.

OtterBox Symmetry Series –

Best rugged case

Samsung Rugged Cover

Samsung Rugged Drop Protection Cover

  • Price: $39.99
  • Buy: Amazon,

The Samsung Rugged Drop Protection Cover is the best rugged case you can buy. I mean just look at it. It screams rugged. This is a really good case for the Galaxy Note 20 Ua, especially those that are prone to dropping their phones a lot. Of course, one of the bigger reasons to get this case, is that it will make that camera bump flat!

It has grips on the side, as well as a rugged back. Which likely makes this pretty drop proof.

The Rugged Protective Cover has been drop-tested to provide outstanding protection.

It also has a kickstand on the back, so you can watch content on your amazing display that the Galaxy Note 20 Ua has.

Samsung Rugged Drop Cover – Amazon

Samsung Rugged Drop Cover –

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