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Top 5 YouTube To Mp3 Converters You Can Use In 2021

Have you ever watched a YouTube video so good that the audio keeps ringing in your head the whole day? It may be a new song from your favorite artist, a motivational video narrated by a renowned celebrity, or soothing audio for meditation when at work. Whatever the case, all you want is that audio playing in the background all through your day. Unfortunately, it can be a little strenuous opening YouTube each time you listen to the audio. When you work, you can plug in your earphones and listen to the audio comfortably. Therefore, the best YouTube to MP3 converter makes it easy to listen to that audio all day long from any device without worry.

Imagine the wi-fi keeps on messing the video up for you, but the audio is so intriguing you keep waiting for the video to load. Yes! Some audio files are so suitable you would rather wait for the connection no matter how long it takes. However, getting a YouTube to mp3 converter that alleviates connection and busy schedules will be a relief for you.

There is a plethora of YouTube to Mp3 converters that claim they are the best nowadays; however, here are some essential elements to note when selecting the best YouTube to MP3 converter.


You would not want to spend 30 – 40 minutes converting a short video, especially if you are late for work. What you want is a converter that offers fast download without any hassles.


The pain of converting one of your favorite motivational videos with the rest coming in as noise can be gut-wrenching. It would help if you looked out for converters that preserve the original quality of the video you watched.

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The converter you pick should have different file types; it should convert the videos in the best format for your device.

Here are the top 5 best YouTube to mp3 converter in 2021


This converter is a simple drag and drops software that works for YouTube, SoundCloud, and other websites. The software does not need any form of registration by the user. It is a reliable option for people, and it is easy to use. The 4k download mp3 converter has different options available for MAC and Windows users.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons as examined by critics;


  • You can download from many different websites without waiting for too long.
  • It allows you directly listen to the files you downloaded.
  • It has different formats of high-quality which you can choose


  • If you want the free version, you will need to download an external application.


One peculiar feature about this YouTube to Mp3 converter is that you can open your videos without any ads interrupting you. It is a versatile player that supports any format.


  • You can easily extract audio from the video and save them in whatever format your want.


  • It may be difficult for some users to operate as it does not come with a tour. With the different functions on the app, beginners need to have a manual to understand its complexities.
  • It takes your bit of time to download the video and extract the audio. Although, most converters go through this as well.
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Mp3 Download

With mp3download, you can convert to MP3, M4A, MP4, and MKV, depending on the option you want. It can save videos from different websites, asides from YouTube. However, it would be best to have a fast and reliable PC to properly run this software. Here are the Pros and Cons of using VideoProc.


  • It has string media integration, editing, and recording abilities for users to enjoy.
  • It supports more than 420 output formats.
  • It can offer Dolby digital 5.1 surround sound to ensure the quality of the audio.
  • The converter works at a fast pace.


  • It does not have a mobile version for people on the go.


With its logo indicting fast speed, this converter is excellent for direct downloads and torrents. If you are looking to convert long videos, Folx is a suitable option for the best YouTube to MP3 converter in 2021. Here are the Pros and Cons of using the converter.


  • It splits the videos into multiple streams making your download a lot faster.
  • The converter works on multiple platforms.
  • You do not need to sign in each time you want to convert a video. The app remembers your details, saving you time and energy.


  • The design might be a bit monotonous.
  • Beginners can easily get lost as there is are no intro tips.

Any Video Converter

The name of this converter gives away one of its perks. AVC is one of the best YouTube MP3 converters you can use. The converter supports more than 20 formats and can be used for different Devices. A significant perk that people are fascinated by is the on-the-go option the converter affords users. Here are other advantages as well as some disadvantages of using the converter;

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  • AVC preserves the quality of the audio.
  • You can personalize the videos by cutting and merging them.


  • If you are big on the interface, then you most likely would not like the AVC. The features are basic but suitable for beginners.
  • AVC takes some time to process and convert the video you want.


The best YouTube to MP3 converter for you is the one that meets your demands. Based on the criteria given in identifying the top-notch converter, find the one that suits you. You also need to take cognizance of the number of videos you want to convert. Also, look at the formats that are available at the compatibility with the devices that you have. It is essential to conduct relevant research before choosing the converter you want. It is all about you, so make sure you get the best and enjoy it to the fullest.

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