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Top 8 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

As with all other headphones categories, there are a lot of options to pick from when it comes to choosing the best noise cancelling headphones. But, as with most things, not all such devices are created equal. Some headphones simply do noise cancelling better than others.

In fact, despite advances in audio technology, over- or on-ear headphones perform better here by design. Earbuds, for instance, do a good job of blocking out noise on their own. But noise cancellation doesn’t typically do as much for those listening devices as it does for the aforementioned gadgets. And, conversely, the best audio to be had overall comes from on- or over-ear devices.

Bearing all of that in mind, here are the Android Headlines picks for the best noise cancelling headphones you can buy right now.

Top 8 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones For Working From Home – 2021

Now, it’s worth noting that the best audio gadgets around are typically more expensive. Coming in, more often than not, well over $100. But that doesn’t mean that all gadgets even in that category are operating at the same level. Or that you necessarily need to spend that much — or much more than that.

That also doesn’t mean that you need to spend more than $500 — after which point the improvement-to-cost ratio begins to diminish. All of the headphones here fall between the $70 to $500 range. So there’s plenty here to choose from if you’re looking for the best of the best in noise cancelling headphones. Regardless of your budget.

Cost Where to buy
Shure AONIC 50 From $289.94 Amazon
Bose 700 $379.00 Amazon
Sony WH-1000XM4 $348 Amazon
Jabra Elite 85h From $189 Amazon
SENNHEISER PXC 550-II $159 Amazon
AKG N60NC $117 Amazon
Tribit QuietPlus 78 $79 Amazon
Bang & Olufsen Beoplay HX From $450.83 Amazon

Best all-around noise cancelling headphones

Shure AONIC 50

  • Price: From $289.94
  • Buy: Amazon

Great headphones are usually priced well above the $300 but there’s at least one, relatively well-known company pushing the boundaries on that. And easily making one of its latest offerings, the Shure AONIC 50, the best overall headphones for noise cancellation.

That is, not least of all, because the starting price for these is $289.94 on Amazon. That’s as compared to other offerings here at over $350, making them a great value. But also because that price nets users support for the highest quality audio around. Whether that’s Qualcomm aptX, aptX HD, aptX Low Latency audio, Sony LDAC, AAC, or SBC protocols.

A plethora of controls are also placed at users fingertips, in addition to onboard noise cancellation and active environmental audio modes — also adjustable at whim. Such as in-app personalization for sound and more, 20-hours or more on battery life, or the comfortable, folding design. Which itself also includes a 3.5mm audio jack for when that battery life just isn’t enough.

Studio quality sound is another hallmark of this particular offering from Shure. As would be expected for the price.

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Bose QuietComfort 35 II – Amazon

Best noise-canceling performance

Bose 700

  • Price: $349
  • Buy: Amazon

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 — Bose 700 — are widely considered to be the best headphones available when it comes to noise cancelling. In fact, it offers no fewer than 11-levels of cancellation altogether. Providing more granular control than any other device on the market. But the real power is in just how much noise it blocks out, which is easily more than any other device in our list.

Because these are Bose headphones, it offers much more than that feature too. It offers easy access to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and those are built right in instead of accessed via the source device. And it delivers a reasonable battery life despite the ANC features too. With quick charging for up to 3.5-hours from 15-minutes of charging, it’ll last around 20-hours on a single charge with ANC active.

Moreover, it features the sleek design you’d expect from Bose’s followup to its QuietComfort 35 II. And a 3.5mm aux port for when the battery runs out, a comfortable design with thicker-than-usual leather ear cups, and a mic system that works in wind as well as in any other noisy environment. Making voice and video calls with these headphones better than most as well.

Bose 700 – Amazon

Best compact noise cancelling headphones

Sony WH-1000X M4

  • Price: $348
  • Buy: Amazon

If noise cancelling, an ambient audio passthrough mode, comfort, lightweight design, and compact build are appealing, Sony WH-1000XM4 is easily one of the best headphones you could buy. And that’s not just down to the fact that these are built by one of the best audio brands around. Or the fact that so many consider them the absolute best around.

Not only does the company build these with long-term wear in mind and audio quality at its peak. It includes mics on both ear cups for better noise-cancellation and Ambient passthrough for times when environmental awareness is paramount. It also paid a lot of attention to battery life and features.

Wearing-detection stops the music, for instance, when you take these off. And, in addition to next-level Edge-AI for audio quality and cancellation, there’s a speak-to-chat feature that reduces volume when it detects that you’re having a conversation. And touch sensors for controlling playback and calls.  For battery, Sony WH-1000XM4 gets up to 30-hours.

All of which makes these headphones well worth their $348 asking price.

Sony WH-1000X M4 – Amazon

Best style noise canceling headphones

Jabra Elite 85h

  • Price: From $189
  • Buy: Amazon

On audio and noise cancelling alone, Jabra Elite 85h are already some of the best headphones around. With extra features such as automatic audio switching to match your environment, to boot. At a starting price of $189, as of this writing, it’s also an incredible value. Especially given that these are some of the best headphones in terms of overall style too and typically cost nearly $300.

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Not only does Jabra Elite 85h fold up for portability, its timeless design — despite being one of the older sets on this list — is available in four color schemes via Amazon. Including Black, Titanium Black, Copper Black, and Navy.

It’s also water and rain-resistant, making them more usable under more circumstances. And the 36-hours of battery life with fast charging for up to five hours from a 15-minute charge aren’t to be overlooked either. Bearing in mind that battery life is with these headphones’ impressive noise cancelling active. Making it easier to drown out the noise of the day-to-day for comfortable all-day listening.

Jabra Elite 85h – Amazon

Best value noise cancelling headphones


  • Price: From $159.00
  • Buy: Amazon

From a brand like Sennheiser, you may expect to pay over $300 or $400 for the best noise cancelling headphones around. But that’s not going to be the case if you choose Sennheiser PXC 550-II. In fact, these are currently on sale for a price starting at $159. That’s down from their usual $349.95 price point.

That already makes them some of the highest-value headphones around. But with smart pausing, 30+ hours of battery life, touch controls for everything from playback to volume, and one-touch AI access, these headphones have it all.

What’s more, it offers great audio quality in calls, in addition to the world-class Sennheiser audio. Meaning that these aren’t just a great value for the price or features. It’s also easily the best value for those seeking audiophile sound joined with the ability to make calls. All with some of the best noise cancellation in the business, reducing surrounding sounds so you can immerse yourself in the music, podcast, or movie that you really want to listen to.


Best on-ear noise cancelling headphones


  • Price: $117
  • Buy: Amazon

Now, AKG N60NC is going to be the only headphone on our list that’s an on-ear style device. That means that the earcups rest on your ears rather than over them. And it comes at a reasonably high value too, costing less than $120.

What sets these apart from other offerings is not only the quality of the noise-cancellation but also their compact size and decent battery life. The latter of which is rated at around 15-hours. That’s lower than other gadgets on the list. But, given that these headphones were built by AKG, the sound quality is top-notch as well. Complete with ANC that can be turned on or off as needed.

At under $120, for headphones that offer brilliant audio and a near-all-day battery, it’s going to be hard to go wrong with N60NC from AKG.

AKG N60NC – Amazon

Best inexpensive Hi-Res noise cancelling headphones

Tribit QuietPlus 78

  • Price: $79.99
  • Buy: Amazon
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Tribit isn’t going to be the first brand most think about when it comes to high quality on- or over-ear headphones. But it makes one of the best noise cancelling headphones on the market in its Tribit QuietPlus 78. And it does so at a price that’s under $80.

Costing just $79.99 via Amazon, Tribit QuietPlus 78 is unbelievably good for its asking price. And that’s not just in terms of dual-level ANC and Ambient Mode. It also delivers brilliant audio, to begin with, via 40mm drivers. With a premium, comfortable design and on-device multi-function controls. Albeit, without the option for touch controls.

Additionally, battery life with Tribit QuietPlus 78 is upwards of 40-hours under the right conditions. And a 3.5mm audio jack means that the listening doesn’t have to stop there either. The included carry case, cables, and plush material choices are just icing on the cake. Making QuietPlus 78 an obvious choice when it comes to affordable ANC headphones.

Tribit QuietPlus 78 – Amazon

Best AI-enabled noise cancelling headphones

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay HX

  • Price: From $450.83
  • Buy: Amazon

One of the big selling points of Bang & Olufsen Beoplay HX is its dedicated on-device assistant button for easy access to the device’s assistant. And that’s because the inclusion means that AI assistants are available at a tap or via voice effectively regardless of which assistant you use. But that’s hardly the only big selling point for these best-in-class noise cancelling headphones either.

These are also the most expensive headphones in this list. With good reason.

The use of lambskin in the design, for instance, means that Beoplay HX is easily one of the most comfortable over-ear headphones available. As And the up to 30 hours of battery life help drive a great listening experience regardless of whether you’re using the AI, for as long as your ears can stand it.

There’s also a 3.5mm audio jack for when the battery life just isn’t long enough. Or for when you forget to charge up. But the real showcase here is the audio quality itself. And we’d be remiss not to include this particular headphone in our list of the best when it comes to ANC. Two mics on each cup also assist with ensuring voice and video calls are as crystal clear as the ANC-assisted audio. Which itself is driven by four edicated MEMS mics.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay HX – Amazon

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