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Troubleshooting not possible: Airpods Pro with cracking problems are exchanged

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Apple has admitted that there are problems with the Airpods Pro that cannot be solved by software.

Apple's Airpods Pro (Image: Martin Wolf /

Creaking and swaying noises from the Airpods Pro in a noisy environment have annoyed some users. A device from is also affected and, despite several firmware updates and cleaning actions, could not be brought to reproduce the sound properly – both with the noise suppression switched on and off. However, this intensified the effect.

Apple has now announced that there are Airpods Pro with sound problems that should be replaced free of charge. It seems to be a serial error. Devices manufactured after October 2020 should no longer have these problems.

If you have defective Airpods Pro, you can contact Apple online or by phone, or make an appointment at an Apple Store or with an authorized Apple service provider. Exchange takes place directly in the store, when contact is made online or by phone, the typical Apple exchange process is initiated. First, new Airpods Pro are sent and the original price is reserved on the customer's credit card. If the replacement devices are there, the person concerned sends the earplugs back. If he doesn't, the credit card will be charged. In the case of, which happened days before the exchange program, the exchange Airpods Pro have not yet arrived, they were probably lost in the mail at UPS.

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