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True Wireless: Razer brings wireless headphones with ANC for 210 Euro

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Razers new Hammerhead True Wireless Pro are designed to suppress external and internal noise and provide low latency.

The peripheral manufacturer Razer has introduced new headphones: The Hammerhead True Wireless Pro are completely wireless and have built-in noise reduction (ANC). This is intended to allow users to block out surrounding noise.

In addition to the two external microphones that detect ambient noise and actively suppress it, the Hammerhead True Wireless Pro has two internal microphones that are designed to filter out internal noise. Together with the passive noise suppression by silicone buds, the headphones are said to provide particularly good shielding.

Razer includes six pairs of silicone plugs with the headphones. There is also a pair of Comply plugs, which are made of memory foam and should adapt well to the shape of the ear.

Low latency in Gaming Mode

The Hammerhead True Wireless Pro is supposed to have an especially low latency in gaming mode; Razer states it at 60 milliseconds. In addition, the headphones are THX certified, which includes certain frequency range specifications.

The Hammerhead True Wireless Pro from Razer (Picture: Razer)

Users can activate the gaming mode and control other headphone functions via sensor surfaces. Among other things, the environment mode can be switched on, which makes surrounding sounds audible via the microphones. The usual media control and the activation of the voice assistant are also possible via the sensor surfaces.

With one battery charge, the Hammerhead True Wireless Pro should last four hours. With the charging case, the headphones can be charged four times. The charging case cannot be charged wirelessly.

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The Hammerhead True Wireless Pro cost 210 euros, which places the headphones in the upper price range wireless headphones with ANC. They are available on the Razer website.



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