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Turning on haptic keyboard feedback in iOS 16 could affect your battery life


Bad vibrations?

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iOS 16 added a feature that finally lets you turn on haptic feedback while typing, meaning you’ll feel a small vibration under your fingertips every time you press a key on the iPhone’s virtual keyboard. But those small vibrations might come at a price: in a new support document, Apple says that turning on the haptic feedback could affect your iPhone’s battery life (via 9to5Mac).

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t specify how much the setting could change your battery expectancy; the note on the support page only says that “turning on keyboard haptics might affect the battery life of your iPhone.” While I can’t imagine the haptics are too much of a battery drain, if you’re looking for ways to save as much battery as possible, turning off the haptics may be one setting you can toggle to get a little extra juice.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the iPhone’s keyboard haptics — I can barely feel them on my iPhone 12 Mini — so I’m planning to keep them turned off, and now I can justify it as a way to help conserve my phone’s not-great battery life. But others here at The Verge are huge fans of the haptic feedback, so it might just be a me thing. If you want to try keyboard haptics for yourself, check out our guide on how to turn them on — just be aware that using them might have an impact on your battery.


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