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Twitch makes it easier for streamers to wipe out their old videos to avoid copyright strikes

Twitch announced in an email to streamers that the site has added new tools today to help creators see where they stand with takedown requests and copyright strikes. Twitch also added tools to let streamers mass delete their recorded streams. It’s a smart move because it gives streamers better tools to play on the right side of copyright law. (If you don’t, and you rack up enough copyright strikes, you get permabanned.)

Although, it might make you wonder why the site didn’t have this particular functionality in the first place. As the email makes clear: these new features are a direct consequence of the flurry of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedowns streamers received last year.

Now, in the event that a streamer gets hit with a DMCA takedown request, it’ll show up in their on-site inbox; Twitch’s video producer will also show the number of copyright strikes a channel has received. In addition, streamers can now unpublish or delete all their VODs at once (or in batches of 20 at a time).

The last part of Twitch’s missive laid out a roadmap for new features in the latter half of this year that should allow streamers more control over their recorded content. The big one to look forward to: Twitch will eventually allow streamers to delete clips of their channel, sorting by game, date, or view count.

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