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Twitter Blue’s Getting A New Price, But No New Features

We all know Twitter as the platform where you can share your thoughts and hot takes for free. While this is true, the company has a premium subscription that offers you some new features. However, we just got word that Twitter Blue is going through a price increase.

Twitter Blue is a service where you pay just a few dollars a month to unlock some interesting premium features. You’ll get ad-free viewing for articles, reader mode for threads, the ability to undo tweets, and added customizations. If you have any questions, you should read our “Everything You Need To Know About Twitter Blue“.

Twitter Blue is going through a price increase

This service used to cost users only $2.99/month. That was a reasonable price for what you get for the service. However, that’s going to change. According to a tweet from Max Weinbach, Twitter Blue is getting a new price.

The price jumps up to $4.99/month. That’s a significant price jump, and it’s only made worse by the fact that the platform is not introducing any new features. That’s right, the price is jumping up, but the feature set is staying the same.

This will, undoubtedly, cause several people to discontinue their service. You’re still able to do some neat things with the subscription. Also, we can’t forget that the ability to edit tweets is also going to make its way to the service. However, users are still assaulted with ads every couple of posts. There are also ads in the comment sections of tweets. That seems to be the main pain point.

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There’s also Snapchat+

This isn’t the only instance of a social media platform providing a subscription service. Snapchat also has its newly-unveiled service called Snapchat+. Though it might sound like it, Snapchat+ is not a streaming service. This platform lets people try out new and experimental features coming to the platform.

The company recently unveiled the new desktop web client where you can message people and make video calls on your computer.

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