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Twitter Now Lets You Remove Followers Without Blocking Them

Twitter is adding a new feature to its platform, allowing users to remove their followers without blocking them. The feature has been under testing on the web since September but is now rolling out to all users.

Twitter made the official announcement through the Twitter Safety account (via). To remove a follower from your account, go to your account, tap Followers, and hit the three-dot icon which gives you the option to remove the follower.

The new feature could be widely available over the coming weeks

Before this feature rolled out, the only way to really unfollow someone was to block an account and later unblock them. This is a handy feature to have if you want to curate your followers’ list without blocking someone.

The availability of this feature is somewhat limited right now. Mobile apps are yet to get this feature, so you can only remove your followers on the web version of Twitter. Moreover, some users may not see the feature right away, indicating that this is a gradual rollout.

Twitter is currently developing and testing a bunch of new features, including the ability to downvote a particular tweet. However, the company was only testing the downvote button with a small group of iOS users.

We were treated to a couple of interesting options, including a solitary downward arrow, and thumbs up/down buttons. Something similar exists on platforms like Reddit and YouTube, so we don’t see why it can’t be on Twitter.

Last week, Twitter said it is testing a feature to potentially minimize unhealthy conversations by adding a disclaimer. This disclaimer would appear in the form of a banner reading “Heads Up,” followed by “Conversations like this can be intense.”

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It seems like Twitter is relying on the kindness of the users to heed its advice, which could work. But given that the platform has faced its own struggles with misinformation and hostility among users, it’s unlikely to have a far-reaching impact. Perhaps this is why the company acknowledges that this is a “work in progress” and “we may not get it right every time.”

Twitter is currently testing the disclaimers feature on mobile apps, but there’s no timeline for its wider rollout.

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