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Twitter Tests New Facebook-Style Tweet Reactions

Twitter is preparing to add four more Tweet Reactions on top of the existing ❤️ (Heart) reaction. It is now testing the 🤔 (thinking face), 😢 (crying face), 😂 (tears of joy), and 👏 (clapping hands) emojis as additional reaction options for tweets. While we know the “heart” reaction as Like, Twitter could call the upcoming four reactions Hmm, Sad, Haha, and Cheer, respectively. That’s based on a report from May when the company was spotted working on the four new reactions. It is now publicly testing them.

Twitter is currently testing these Facebook-style Tweet Reactions among a small group of users in Turkey. It could roll out the new reactions to users in other regions in the coming weeks, before eventually making them available to all.

“Based on this test, we may expand the availability of the Reactions experiment to other regions,” the company has said.

More Tweet Reactions are coming to Twitter

Twitter has traditionally offered only one way to react to a tweet. Users have long felt the lack of reactions such as Haha and Sad on the platform. To that end, the company has been mulling adding more Tweet Reactions for quite some time now. Some tests date all the way back to 2015. But things started to gain pace in recent years.

In March this year, Twitter launched a survey asking users what reactions and icons they’d prefer for a Facebook-style reaction set on the platform. The company laid out various options, including agree (thumbs up) and disagree (thumbs down), and allowed users to select the layout and icons they like. It appears the social media biggie has settled on the above-mentioned four.

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As said earlier, these new Tweet Reactions were spotted in development earlier in May. Back then, we didn’t have the icons/emojis for the Cheer and Sad reactions. We now have those as well. According to the company (via Engadget), these emojis are “universally recognizable and represent what people want to express about Tweets.”

Twitter apparently settled on these four reactions based on various factors such as “one-word replies, most commonly used emojis, and top emotions that customers wanted to express” on the platform. “This is just the beginning of Tweet Reactions,” says a member of the company’s design team. So we could be in for more goodies in the future. We will let you know as soon as the new Tweet Reactions will roll out publicly.

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