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Twitter Won’t Crop Your Images Any Longer, And That’s Great

Twitter has decided to tackle image crop issues by not cropping your images any longer. Seems like a simple solution, doesn’t it? Well, yes, and it may be the best one, as it will fix the issue.

Twitter won’t crop your images any longer, it’s testing a solution

Twitter is now testing this solution, and it means that the image you see when posting, is the image that will show up on the feed. It won’t be cropped to fit into a certain frame. That means that part of it won’t get cut off.

Why was this an issue? Well, you end up posting something, that is in portrait mode, right. A large chunk of that gets cut off, to fit into a certain aspect ratio, and the end product ends up missing the whole point of the image. You can see an example of that below.

4K image uploads are also in testing

On top of that, the company is also testing 4K image uploading on both Android and iOS. This is all a part of a broader push “to improve how you can share and view media on Twitter”.

The image cropping change should eliminate some additional problems for Twitter. A while back, Twitter said that its neural network for automated image cropping was tested for racial bias, following reports of issues with it. It did not find any issues, but it did say that it needs to perform more analysis.

It is quite clear that this change will sort several issues for Twitter, so let’s hope that the company will stick with it. Both of the features we’ve talked about are currently in testing.

We don’t know when will the changes roll out to all users

With that in mind, do note that images on your end may still end up being cropped. They also may end up being compressed. Both features are expected to roll out to everyone, but they seem to be limited to specific users at the moment. Twitter said that it doesn’t know when will the features reach all users.

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