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Ubisoft hands out free GeForce NOW Trial to members

Ubisoft is giving away a free trial of NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW cloud gaming service. This appears to be an offer going out to anyone that’s a Ubisoft member and has a Ubisoft account. And if you fit into that category, check your email inboxes. Because you should see an email from Ubisoft that contains the offer.

The email seems to have started going out this morning so if you don’t see a current email about the trial, it’s possible it just hasn’t shown up yet. The offer is a direct response from Ubisoft to the Stadia shutdown that took place on January 18. Which no doubt displaced quite a few gamers who had purchased Ubisoft titles through the service.

Ubisoft did right by its consumers however, and confirmed it would be offering PC versions of those purchases for free. That brings things full circle to the GeForce NOW trial that Ubisoft is handing out. Because many of Ubisoft’s titles are available to stream using GeForce NOW.

The Ubisoft GeForce NOW trial is for one month

Those looking to claim the trial will get to test out the service for one month, which is a good amount of time for testing. Better still, is that the trial is for the Priority membership. This gets you access to GTX 1080-powered servers, up to 6 hours of streaming time, and priority access ahead of free membership users.

Claiming the trial requires use of a unique code. And unlike the Luna trial that Amazon is handing out, this one has a definitive expiration date. Ubisoft says members must claim the trial by March 31 of this year at 3pm UTC, which is 7am PST. The unique code can also only be used one time so there’s no possibility of sharing the trial with friends.

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It’s also unclear if this offer is available to existing GeForce NOW members. If you haven’t seen an email come through about the trial offer, you can also check to see if you can access the promotional page here.

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