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Valorant Is Getting A Mobile Release But Not Anytime Soon

Valorant is getting a release on mobile devices. Proving once again that companies such as Riot Games see the value in the mobile platform. The announcement about the mobile release of Valorant came as part of Valorant’s one year anniversary.

And while this is likely great news for fans of the game who also enjoy mobile as a gaming platform, the launch is likely nowhere near ready. Having said that, development may not take too long. Riot could already be considered a seasoned mobile developer.

It knows the ins and outs of scaling a game for mobile thanks to League Of Legends: Wild Rift. And it will no doubt take that expertise and apply it to Valorant. But don’t expect the game to show up anytime soon.

A Valorant mobile release won’t arrive until at least mid-2022

Riot hasn’t confirmed any dates for the launch of the game. What it did say is that Valorant took quicker to being viable for mobile than it did for consoles. Which Riot also plans a release for. What that means is that players should be able to see some form of the game in a playable state by sometime next year.

Riot says it hopes to see something along those lines in year two of Valorant. Which is the middle of 2022. This is also only a speculative baseline time frame. And any sort of playable state of the game, from alphas and betas to a fully launched version, could end up materializing in 2023 or later.

Valorant on phones will be a unique experience

Riot isn’t sharing a whole lot of information about the game right now. It is however highlighting that the mobile version will be a unique experience.

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This won’t be just a port of the PC version. Instead, Riot is doing what it did with League Of Legends: Wild Rift. Building the game from the ground up for mobile devices. Ensuring the game is able to deliver on all of what Riot considers core elements.

The mobile version of Valorant won’t impact the PC version in any way. And there will also be no crossplay between the two platforms.

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