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Valve Gets A Head Start On Steam Deck Shipments For Q4

It’s full steam ahead for the Steam Deck shipments in Q4, as Valve confirms it’s getting a head start on sending those out. Today the company states that it has sent out the last batch of emails for Q3 reservation holders to buy their Decks. Allowing them to move forward with the next set of reservations earlier than anticipated.

This probably isn’t too surprising though since Valve has been speeding up production and fulfillment for the last couple of months at least. It’s also stated before that it was ahead of schedule. And it was only a matter of time before it was able to start fulfilling orders for the last segment of reservations for the year.

Q4 shipments for the Steam Deck may start going out this week

It’s only Monday and that means there’s plenty of time left in the week for Valve to get to its first batch of Q4 shipments. While Valve hasn’t said it’s already begun to send out the emails, it may very well get to them later in the week. To that end, anyone with a Q4 reservation may want to keep an eye on their inbox.

Whether you were originally in Q4 or you were bumped to Q4 from 2023. Valve’s Steam Deck has, for the most part, received vast amounts of praise. As it should have. Because even though it didn’t blaze the trail with portable gaming PCs, the Steam Deck has made things more streamlined.

That isn’t to say the Steam Deck doesn’t have its faults. It has less than desirable battery life. Which makes it a tad more challenging to play more demanding games. Such as Final Fantasy VII Remake, DOOM Eternal and the like.

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In addition to continuing with speedy shipments, Valve has also been steadily growing the library of verified titles. Earlier this month, Valve confirmed the Steam Deck now has more than 5,000 verified titles. That’s nowhere near the complete number of games on Steam. But it certainly doesn’t leave gamers wanting for something to play.

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