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Verizon Is The Next Carrier To Lay Off Employees

Verizon is one of the major signal carriers in America, and it provides service to millions of customers. However, the company might be going through a bit of a change in employment. Verizon had to lay off several of its employees.

This news comes a few weeks after T-Mobile needed to lay off some employees. We’re not sure how many people it had to let go, but the company states it was a small number. While several people were let go, a number of them were offered either a different position in the company or a severance package.

Verizon had to lay off several employees

This news comes from CNET. Verizon told the publication that it needed to let go of a number of employees. “Throughout the year, our company makes adjustments to our headcount depending upon the needs of the business,” a company spokesperson told CNET. “At times we could be increasing headcount in one area while decreasing the number of employees in others.”

At the moment, Verizon wasn’t able to disclose how many people were actually let go. However, the company did assure us that only a small number of employees were affected.

Verizon lost a lot of customers last quarter

We may not know how many employees Verizon lost, but we know how many customers it lost. Now’s the time that we get information on how companies performed last quarter (Q2 2022).

Verizon posted its numbers, and it shows a notable loss of subscribers. Between April and June 2022, lost around 215,000 consumer phone accounts. That’s a sharp dip, and it far outweighed the roughly 12,000 gain in customers it saw.

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We can’t deny the facts

While Verizon stated that its employee headcount rises and falls with the needs of the company, we can’t overlook the facts. Verizon isn’t the only company that’s laying off employees. Aside from T-Mobile, Niantic, Netflix, and Twitter also had to lay off employees.

Companies around the world are having to make sacrifices as the global economy limps on. As for the tech industry, due to rising device prices and economic instability, consumers are seeking cheaper alternatives for their tech. Verizon is a good company, but its plans aren’t the most affordable compared to smaller carriers. We’ll have to wait and see if the company can turn its fortunes around.

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