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Very rare price drop on the PlayStation 5 in this bundle deal

You have the patience of a saint if you’ve been waiting for the first PlayStation 5 deal. Demand for the latest Sony console has been so fierce that there have been almost no chances to save on it since it hit the market.

That all changed today, with the PlayStation 5 God of War Ragnarok bundle dropping to $509.99 ($50 off) on Amazon.

OK, it isn’t a price drop on the console alone. But unless you’re stepping up from the PS4 and have a game library built up, you’ll need a game anyway. This bundle is the equivalent of buying the PlayStation 5 at retail and then paying just $10 more for God of War Ragnarök.

And you’re not going to need another game anytime soon. As an epic action-adventure title with combo-based combat, puzzle-solving elements, and role-playing features, God of War Ragnarök will keep you locked to your screen for many hours. Just remember to take meal breaks.

We don’t know how long this PlayStation 5 deal will run, and we’d be more worried about stock running out. Don’t miss out — the button below takes you to the deal.


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