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ViacomCBS May Debut Bundles With Pluto TV, Paramount+, Showtime & BET+

Like AT&T, ViacomCBS also has a number of different streaming services, all really serving different needs. ViacomCBS’ president of streaming Tom Ryan, has said that they will “do more with bundling”. Noting that they have done some bundling in the past and will bring more to market. But didn’t offer any specifics on bundles.

ViacomCBS has been working to check all of the streaming boxes and they kind of have that now. They have a free, ad-supported option in Pluto TV. There’s also the subscription service with Paramount+ and then finally premium offerings with SHOWTIME and BET+.

Ryan promises ViacomCBS will have more innovative moves

While consumers complain about the number of streaming services out there, ViacomCBS is looking to offer as many as possible, to really offer something for everyone. And that’s where bundles come into play. Imagine bundling Paramount+, BET+ and Showtime together for say, $20 per month. It would be their version of the Disney+ bundle, which is a tad cheaper. But it would also offer a ton of content for users.

Ryan says that “when you’re able to bring something to market that doesn’t exist before, that’s where you find success. Of course, people are going to have certain expectations of what a streaming service has, and we’ll have those things. But I think we’re really going to shine by doing things differently.”

ViacomCBS also believes that it knows what works with audiences. And it will continue to experiment with new strategies based on the company’s findings, which has already been successful for the company.

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You can check out the full interview with ViacomCBS’ Tom Ryan below. Of course, this was done by ViacomCBS, so there’s not many hard hitting questions there, but there is some good insight into ViacomCBS and the future of Paramount+ among its other streaming offerings.

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