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Walmart Launches Its Affordable Android TV Devices Next Week

Walmart confirmed that they are going to launch two Android TV devices next week. These devices will come with an affordable price tag, and they will be available in Walmart stores in the US.

Both devices come under Walmart’s Onn brand. Walmart is using this brand for launching its device to the market, including headphones, TVs, portable speakers, etc.

The first device is an entry-level Android TV. As expected, its price starts from $24.88. This is an extremely low price for an Android TV and can definitely attract a lot of attention.

For a quick comparison, it’s good to know that Google’s entry-level Chromecast currently costs $29.99, and Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite comes at $24.99.

Other specifications of Walmart’s Streaming Stick include Android TV OS, using built-in Chromecast to cast Chromecast-compatible apps to your TV, streaming up to Full HD resolution with Dolby Audio support, and built-in Google Assistant to control the TV and search for content.

Also, having access to favorite streaming apps like Netflix, Youtube, Disney+, HBOMax, Hulu, Prime Video is available. A remote control, 1 HDMI extender, 1 AC adapter, and 1 USB to Micro-USB cable will be in the box.

Walmart also has a 4K Streaming Device

More users are asking for 4K Streaming, and most of the Android TV devices in the market will support it. Walmart has a higher-end Android TV that supports 4K Streaming, and it just costs $29.88.

This device is identical to the prior device, but the only difference is the ability to stream up to 4K ua high-def resolution with Dolby Audio support. The 4K Streaming device has the same accessories as Streaming Stick in the box.

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Walmart has announced that these devices will be available in stores and on the company’s website from next week. It also seems that these devices have passed the testing stage well. As Walmart said to TechCrunch, it has “plenty of inventory available.”

The competition in the Android TV market is fierce. Many companies are now producing their own devices, and competing in such a market will become more challenging every day.

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