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Walmart’s hosting a PS5 and Xbox Series X restock for subscribers at 4PM ET

Walmart is kicking off Black Friday with a bang today, offering its Walmart Plus subscribers early access to a big console restock that begins at 4PM ET / 1PM PT. At that time, paid members will have a go at snagging a PlayStation 5 (both the $499.99 disc-based version and $399.99 digital version) or the $499.99 Xbox Series X console. To get this early access to boost your chances of getting a console (though it’s no guarantee), you’ll need to be a paying member to Walmart Plus, starting at $12.99 per month. To reiterate, members sampling the free trial will not get early access to this restock or Walmart’s myriad Black Friday deals that launch an hour earlier at 3PM ET.

Here are the links, with more details about this restock beneath them.

Hey, if you miss out on a chance to get the Series X, it might save your case during the holidays that the smaller, less-powerful Series S is more readily available and costs less at $299.99. It lacks a disc drive and has half the storage of the Series X (512GB), but it has many of the same features as the high-end console. It targets 1440p resolution for some content, and it can boost certain games up to 120 frames per second, but it could be a great fit for someone who still uses a 1080p TV or monitor.

If you say nay to Walmart Plus, the restock will open up to everyone else three hours later at 7PM ET / 4PM PT, though it’s tough to determine how much stock Walmart will have left. Personally, I can’t see the retailer leaving non-subscribers totally high and dry. And with the restock being printed in its Black Friday ad, I expect Walmart to have a surplus of inventory. That said, what’s available will still sell out very quickly.

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As for what to expect when the time comes, a Walmart spokesperson shared with The Verge that it will “roll out consoles and other hot items in separate windows to help unlock a smooth online shopping experience.” Hopefully, that means the site will be stable during the restock.

In case you don’t know the drill at this point, make sure you’re logged in to your Walmart Plus account, with the correct payment method and shipping address entered in ahead of time.

Add these to your cart before the restock

What’s a console without extra games, controllers, or accessories? One that isn’t nearly as fun to use as it should be. Load these items into your Walmart cart ahead of time, so you can get it all at once when the consoles drop. Though, in some cases, you can find better deals at other retailers.

For PS5

For Xbox