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Want Those Verizon Gigabit 5G Speeds? You’ll Have To Pay For “Premium Data”

We knew that this was coming, so it should come as no surprise, but Verizon is going to force you to pay more, to get its fastest 5G speeds.

During its investor day this week, Verizon informed investors that in order for its customers to access the C-Band spectrum it just picked up in the latest FCC auction, it’ll have to pay more.

But before you get to upset, the majority of its customers are already on these plans that offer the fastest 5G speed. Customers on the Verizon Play More, Do More, and Get More Unlimited plans will get access to the fastest 5G speeds. So as long as you’re not on the entry-level unlimited plan, you’ll get these faster plans.

Verizon could have done a better job explaining this

The way Verizon explained this was that forcing customers to pay more for the fastest 5G available, it would help offset the $10 billion cost of acquiring the C-Band spectrum is just bought. Since the audience was investors, that’s what they wanted to hear. But for customers, it was a very different thing.

Customers see this as “Verizon is going to increase the price of my plan for 5G”, when that’s not necessarily true. At least not yet. The plans that were listed – Play More, Do More, and Get More – are not getting price hikes. Not that Verizon has announced, at least. And 5G as well as 5G Ua Wideband are already included in those plans at no extra charge.

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It’s actually a smaller deal than it sounds. For example, I’m on the Play More plan, since you get the Disney+ bundle included, which is a $18 value. And I’m sure I am not the only one that is using that plan. While the Start More plan does seem more attractive for users, the other plans that Verizon offers, does have some really nice perks that are worth the extra $10-$20 per month for a single line (less if you have multiple lines).

At least Verizon isn’t switching back to a tiered data system. That would be a mess with the type of speeds that Verizon offers on its Ua Wideband network.

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