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Watch Party for Prime Video: Watch movies and series together

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Amazons Prime Video gets a new function: With Watch Party, films and series can be watched together in this country without physically meeting each other.

Amazon starts Watch Party for Prime Video in Germany.
(Picture: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Amazon brings the Watch Party function for Prime Video to Germany. The function has been available in Germany since the morning of 9 November 2020. In the USA, Watch Party for Prime Video has already been available since summer 2020. Especially in times of a pandemic, it can make sense to watch films and series together without having to physically meet each other and without risking infection.

With the function Watch Party for Prime Video up to 100 people can watch a film or series together. The Watch Party function is managed by the person who invited everyone else to watch it. This person also controls the synchronized playback. If a movie is paused by the person who opened the Watch Party, the title will also pause and cannot be resumed by all the others.

A special icon in the details of the movie shows the availability of the offer. In the case of series, the symbol can be found in the individual episodes. At Watch Party there is a chat function to exchange information about the current movie or series.

Watch Party for Prime Video runs in the desktop browser

All can read each other’s messages, the chat history is displayed next to the playback window. The function requires an active prime video subscription for everyone and can then be used at no additional cost.

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For now, the new feature is only available via the prime video website for desktop browsers other than Safari. The option is not available in prime video apps or on mobile browsers. The same applies to Amazon’s Fire TVs as well as other streaming devices or Smart TVs.

Participation in a Watch Party requires that everyone has received an invitation. This function allows you to watch all movies and series that are included in the Prime Video subscription. It is not possible to rent or buy a title from Amazon Video and watch it with others using the new function.

Looking together at Disney+

Since the end of October 2020, the function Group Watch for Disney+ has also been available in Germany. The Disney+ offer makes it possible to watch a film or series with up to seven people. That’s less than Amazon, but the function is available in the Disney+ app and can therefore be used on streaming devices or smart TVs.

At Disney+, all invitees can control the movie or series that is watched together. This allows anyone to pause, resume or rewind the playback. Then the same command is executed for all other people watching. Disney+ allows you to comment on scenes using six different emojis. The other people then see how someone evaluates a scene. However, there is no chat function like on Amazon.

Addendum of 9 November 2020, 11:28 a.m

The Watch Party function for Prime Video is immediately available in the desktop browser.

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