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WhatsApp Might Show You A Log Of Who Left A Group Chat

If you’re the admin for a group chat, then you’ll want to know what’s going on within that group. This is especially true if your group is for your business. However, WhatsApp is testing a new feature that will keep a back catalog of who left their group.

Right now, the platform is testing a feature that will let admins delete messages from other members. When the message is deleted, everyone will still be able to see that it was deleted.

Now, WhatsApp could let you see a log of who left a group chat

This feature is dubbed “Past Participants”, and it keeps a catalog of people who left the group you’re a part of, according to WABetainfo. Right now, the company is testing this feature on the iOS version of the app. It’s the beta version

With this feature, the app won’t directly notify you if a person leaves the group. Instead, when you go to the group participant section of a group’s settings, you’ll see an extra item. It’s called “Past Participants”, and when you tap on it, you’ll see a list of people who were previously in the group.

The list will show all of the people who left or were removed from the group over the past 60 days. Along with the name, you’ll see the profile picture and when that person left the group. While the group admins can see this information, other members can also see it.

This is a good way of keeping track of who leaves groups with a lot of people. When you have a group with a lot of people, any item in the chat can easily be washed away. When a person leaves the group, it shows up in the chat, but it’s easy to miss that. So, having a stationary catalog of the people who left is a good thing.

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It’s currently in testing, so you’ll need to wait on this feature to make it to your phone. If you’re on the WhatsApp beta, you should be on the lookout to see if you’ve been selected.

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