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WhatsApp Reportedly Working On Voice Message Transcribe Feature

Well, recently, we reported that the popular messaging app WhatsApp was reportedly working on providing granular options for the ‘Last Seen’ setting.

Fast forward to today, the WhatsApp platform is again spotted working on a new feature. Notably, this new feature will allow users to transcribe voice messages.

As reported by XDA Developers (via WABetaInfo), the new WhatsApp feature was found in the latest version of the iOS application.

WhatsApp’s voice message feature is pretty nifty as it helps you to simply record your message and send it to anyone. This negates the need for typing.

There are situations where your hands are preoccupied with doing other important works. You can simply make use of the voice messages feature and send your messages.

Soon, you will be able to transcribe voice messages. This will let you understand what is in the voice message without even bumping up the volume.

It could be beneficial when you are in public and you have received a private voice message. All you need to do is enable this feature and you can transcribe the voice message to read it privately.

There is no evidence of testing the WhatsApp voice message transcribe feature for Android

Using the speech recognition technology, you will be able to transcribe WhatsApp voice messages. However, this feature will be optional and you can enable or disable it, at your convenience.

As mentioned by WABetaInfo, this feature would require special permission to work on iOS. When you turn this feature on, you will be shown the below notification message:

WhatsApp” Would Like to Access Speech Recognition

Speech data from this app will be sent to Apple to process your requests. This will also help Apple improve its speech recognition technology.

The good thing about this feature is all the transcriptions will be saved locally on your Android device, instead of WhatsApp or Facebook servers.

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Apparently, the WhatsApp voice message transcribe feature is currently under development for iOS. There is no evidence of testing this new feature for the Android version of the app.

It goes without saying that WhatsApp will definitely bring this feature to Android, only if it works as intended. We believe, soon WhatsApp will make this voice message transcription feature available for beta users.

So, keep an eye out for the new WhatsApp beta update. WhatsApp is also working on a bunch of other features such as Instagram-style message reaction, the ability to transfer chats from Android to iOS, end-to-end encryption for cloud and local backups.

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