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WhatsApp Will Soon Make It Easy To Identify Different Group Chats

It’s probably safe to say that most of the text conversations that many people do have happen via WhatsApp. It is just that popular. Over the years, the app has gained new nifty features to help its users maneuver the app more easily, and the latest inclusion is meant to help you identify group chats with little effort.

Groups are places where several people can interact with each other, without the need of pinging each contact separately. You can make your announcement reach everyone by sending a message in a WhatsApp group.

However, if you are a user or admin who is a part of multiple groups, it becomes a bit difficult to identify between different groups. To make it easy, a new feature has been spotted in the iOS and Android versions of WhatsApp, respectively.

Let us talk about the iOS feature first. As reported by Techradar, iOS beta testers are the first to get a look at the new group icon editor option.

This feature does exactly what it says, and that is it allows you to create a distinct group icon. This icon could be based on the emoji and sticker.

Android beta users are getting the ability to place group voice and video calls via new shortcuts

Do note that this feature of creating a group icon is not visible for everyone. You can check it by opening group info for a group you are a part of.

Then you can tap on the camera icon, which lets you change the group icon. Here, if the feature is live for you, then you will see the new option of using Emoji & Sticker.

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You can select a custom background or browse through the available images to create your very own group icon.

WhatsApp Android beta users are seeing a different feature related to the group. Notably, Android users are getting the option to place group voice and video calls via new shortcuts.

On the group cards, there is a new button that allows you to start a voice or video call. At present, both the features on iOS and Android are visible to beta testers only and on the latest beta version of WhatsApp.

However, we expect WhatsApp to push both the features via the stable channel for everyone to use. Since WhatsApp ensures both iOS and Android users have the same features, the one spotted on iOS and the other one on Android will be available on both platforms.

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