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Where To Watch Sony’s Latest PlayStation Showcase

Sony is holding its latest PlayStation Showcase later today. And if you’re eager to see what’s coming for the platform, you won’t want to miss out on what pops up. Which means you’re going to want to watch the showcase to see everything that Sony plans to reveal.

Sony will be streaming the showcase live across its YouTube and Twitch channels, starting at 1PM PST. While Sony hasn’t confirmed what’s being announced, there are plenty of theories and hopes from fans. What Sony has confirmed is that the showcase will focus on upcoming PlayStation 5 titles.

Other than that things were left pretty wide open. You can certainly make your own assumptions about what Sony will announce. But that could lead to feeling let down if what you were hoping for isn’t included in the show. So it’s likely better to just sit back and enjoy the livestream event as it happens. Or watch the recaps later on.

The PlayStation Showcase will last for around 40 minutes

Sony says the showcase will last for around 40 minutes. So you can expect a ton of different game reveals to happen in that amount of time. As each reveal likely won’t be more than a few minutes long.

In addition, featured studios will provide more information and updates on reveals as part of an after-show. So stick around after the main showcase event is over.

How to watch the event

As noted above, Sony is going to be livestreaming the showcase on both its YouTube and Twitch channels. You can view the YouTube stream in the video below. The Twitch livestream isn’t available yet, but it should pop up closer to the start time. If it does, we’ll embed it below as well. The event should begin promptly at 1PM PST. Though, keep in mind that sometimes there are delays and streams start a few minutes late.

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That isn’t to say that this will be the case this time around of course. Games revealed during the livestream will be upcoming games that are releasing this holiday as well as next year and further down the line. There’s also a chance Sony could talk about updates for the PS5 console system software. Notably, when expandable storage might be available to all console owners as opposed to just those invited to participate in the beta.

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