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Windows 10 20H2: Bug in user management prevents Windows 10 update

Last updated on March 9, 2021

For several weeks now, users have been reporting a bug in the Windows service Lsass.exe. Microsoft confirmed: This is due to renamed accounts.

Windows 10 gives an error if Windows accounts have been renamed.
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People who want to upgrade to version 20H2 of Windows 10 will in some cases already since the end of October encounter a problem. The operating system displays an error dialog when accessing the OS account overview. This prevents the update from being installed. Microsoft has now confirmed the problem on official site.

“This PC cannot be updated to Windows 10. Your PC settings are not yet supported on this version of Windows 10,” the error dialog box displayed says. However, this should prevent a more serious problem that occurs after installing 20H2. The update may cause the system process lsass.exe to crash, causing the OS to restart in one minute. This leads to several restarts per hour for some people affected.

The reason are renamed Windows accounts

According to Microsoft, only devices with renamed internal operating system accounts such as Administrator or Guest are affected. In the Application Event Log (Event ID 1015) a corresponding error of lsass.exe is entered with the status code C0000374. For this reason, Microsoft has suspended the upgrade for endangered devices.

The manufacturer recommends reverting to a previous version of Windows 10 if the error occurs and the device wants to restart itself permanently. Patches can be restored in the Windows Update settings menu under Update history. Alternatively, it is also possible to reset all accounts built into Windows back to their default names.

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Meanwhile, Microsoft says it is working on a solution to the problem. The company did not name a date

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