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With This New Crypto You Can Earn Money While You Shop – The Partnerships May Surprise You

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The Impact project is a transformative crypto project that allows users to purchase carbon credits. To improve the liquidity of its operations, the platform has also signed partnerships with several companies that act as affiliate partners. 

Over 25,000 affiliate partners have already signed up with the Impact Project, including big names such as Amazon, Netflix, and Microsoft. This week, South Korean tech giant Samsung and Singapore-based home appliances company Dyson joined the network.

Of the 25,000 affiliate partners available with the Impact Project, about 10,000 are retail businesses. These companies will make it possible for their customers to shop using the Impact Project, and they get rewarded with the platform’s IMPT token. At the same time, this process also incentivizes other companies to do the same. 

Optimizing the Carbon Credit Market 

The Impact project is an Ethereum-based platform that allows individuals and businesses to participate in the fight against climate change. The initiative was built to enable users to purchase and trade carbon credits, which they can use to offset some of their carbon footprints. 

Launched in 2022, the Impact Project has already found an interesting market to play in. Blockchain technology has been widely criticized for its effects on the environment, with many pointing out the technology’s affiliations to cryptocurrency mining and other activities that aren’t necessarily healthy for our ecosystem. 

These ties have led many in the industry to call for greater participation in the blockchain space when combating climate change. And, thanks to the Impact Project, it is much easier to get involved in this fight. 

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The project shows that blockchain can be a force for good, especially as the issue of global warming continues to rage on. 

Also, the Impact Project is transforming the market for carbon credits. By taking the industry out of the old and antiquated process of trading these credits, the Impact Project ensures that things can be done more efficiently. 

One of the ways that the initiative brings innovation is by allowing users to trade these credits as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Users can trade these tokens seamlessly while choosing whether to sell or burn them. This will address the liquidity problem significantly, ensuring that carbon credits look even more attractive to users. 

IMPT Presale Available Now 

The Impact Project has launched the presale for its token, IMPT. The presale is almost three months old and has seen the digital asset raise over $13.3 million. This is undoubtedly impressive, considering that this was done in a bear market. 

The asset’s presale is divided into stages, with the price increasing at each stage. While it is currently trading at $0.023, it is expected to reach $0.028 at the next stage.

For investors looking for the ideal ESG investment while still making a profit, IMPT is an excellent way to combine both initiatives.

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