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Worldwide Tablet Shipments Are Still On The Rise

The tablet market has seen a bit of a second wind after a sharp decline over the late 2010s. If only it were for a better reason; the market saw an increase due to the coronavirus pandemic. Well, the numbers are in, and worldwide tablet shipments were able to increase slightly since Q2 2021.

As people were locking down in their homes, they were stocking up on mobile devices to keep themselves busy. These devices include tablets to watch movies on or help them transition into working from home. As the whole pandemic has fluctuated over the past nearly three years, so has the tablet market.

Worldwide tablet shipments saw an increase YoY

As you can guess, we’re still not out of the woods with the virus, there are also other factors that affect the tablet market. There are new releases (like the Galaxy Tab S8 tablet) and the supply chain issues we’re dealing with.

According to a report from the International Data Corporation (IDC), tablet sales saw an ever-so-tiny jump in the market between Q2 2021. It lists the top five tablet makers in the world followed by the dreaded “other” category. Apple, to no one’s surprise, has shipped the most tablets. It sold roughly 12.6 million units which is down 2.89% from last year’s 12.9 million.

Samsung is in second place, and it had a bigger drop. In Q2 2022, it shipped about 7.3 million units, and that’s down about 10.63% from last year’s 8.2 million.

Amazon is in third with 5.5 million units shipped. The company saw the biggest YoY increase of 26.92% from 4.3 million. Lenovo is fourth with 3.5 million down 8.7% from 4.7 million. Huawei remained about the same with 2.1 million units shipped in both years.

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The remainder of the market totaled 9.4 million, and that’s up about 16.7% from 8.1 million last year. We’re going to have to see how this quarter goes to see if we’ll see any further increase.

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