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Xayn: Search engine lets users control algorithms themselves

Last updated on March 19, 2021

The Berlin-based company Xayn publishes a search engine where algorithms and KI are learned by users themselves.

The search engine Xayn is designed to balance the protection of privacy with the need for personalized search results. Users themselves determine which results are relevant and are thus taken into account in their algorithm, as the company communicates via press release

An app serves as an interface in which you can choose between a personalized and a non-personalized search. Displayed search results can then be added to or excluded from the personal algorithm with a wiping motion to the left or right, simultaneously training a decentralized AI for future searches. Self-created collections store web pages, news and videos for later retrieval. All stored information on search behaviour remains on the respective mobile phone and is not stored online.

Laut Xayn-CEO Leif-Nissen Lundbæk, the idea for this kind of search engine was born from the conflict between a personalized search among the established offers on the market, which sometimes delivers faster and better results, and the privacy friendly alternatives, which however often involve a higher expenditure of time. Individual personalization with a search engine of one’s own therefore seemed to be the best intermediate solution. The ultimate goal is to give people back control over their data.

For the use of the app, Xayn recommends current smartphones with Android from version 9 upwards or Apple devices from iPhone 8 upwards. A desktop version and other features are planned, but no release date has been announced

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