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Xbox Game Pass On PC Welcomes The EA Play Collection On March 18

Xbox Game Pass is leveling up in a big way this week, as the PC version of the service is getting access to the EA Play collection of games.

EA Play will be accessible for members who subscribe to both Xbox Game Pass for PC, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (from the PC). While you won’t have access to every EA game under the sun, you will get to choose from a very wide variety of different titles.

Including Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Star Wars Squadrons, FIFA 21, Dragon Age: Inquisition and many more. Also worth noting is that Microsoft has not announced a release date yet for EA Play on Android. So for now if you want to play games from that collection of titles, you’ll need to play on PC or on console.

Initially, EA Play was supposed to launch earlier than it is. Specifically in December of last year, while console players on the Xbox Series X got it on launch day. But in the middle of its arrival month Microsoft announced that it would be delayed until 2021.

Xbox Game Pass on PC will have 60+ EA Play titles

Microsoft doesn’t give an exact number in its announcement but it does state that there will be more than 60 of EA’s biggest PC titles. That includes the ones mentioned above, as well as other big franchises under the studio.

Battlefield, Need For Speed, The Sims, they’re all on the roster and available to play for free in full so long as you continue subscribing to Game Pass. Since this isn’t available for the cloud yet, you’ll need to install the games you want to play onto your PC. So make sure you have some space ready anything you’re going to dive into.

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Enjoy full games and trials of games

Like other similar services, EA Play will offer a curated list of games from EA. And they will cycle out from time to time.

But it isn’t just full games you’ll have access to. Some of the games will be offered in trials, which you can think of as demos. You’ll get up to 10 hours of play time with a specific trial game. These games will also come from “best-loved” franchises. So again EA’s most popular.

These are likely to cycle in and out as well as more new games from EA are released. And eventually you can probably expect some of those titles to transition from trials to full versions of the game.

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