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Xiaomi & Realme Are Considering A Dynamic Island-Type Feature

Both Xiaomi and Realme are considering a Dynamic Island-type feature, it seems. Both companies are asking users if they’d like to see something like that, indirectly. They did not specifically mention Apple’s ‘Dynamic Island’.

Both Xiaomi & Realme seem to be open to a Dynamic Island-type feature

As most of you know by now, ‘Dynamic Island’ is Apple’s latest feature that focuses on the pill-shaped cutout in the screen. It creates various animations and app widgets around that cutout, and you can interact with it.

We’ve already seen several apps that are trying to mimic Dynamic Island, such as ‘Pixel Island‘ and ‘dynamicSpot’, and now Android OEMs seem to be considering the feature.

Let’s start with Xiaomi, shall we. Xiaomi China’s President, Lu Weibing, went to Weibo to respond to one of the users that seemed keen on the idea. Mr. Weibing replied asking whether users “really need a Smart Island” feature.

He probably wants to see how interested users are, but it doesn’t seem like Xiaomi started working on something like that, or anything of the sort. If the interest proves to be considerable, who knows, perhaps Xiaomi ends up implementing something like that.

Realme seems to be a bit more serious about the idea

In terms of Realme, things seem to be a bit more serious. Realme directly asked its community members whether they’d like to see a “Dream Island” feature. Realme doesn’t mention Apple specifically, but it’s obvious what’s going on.

The company said: “Can you imagine what if Realme UI added a software trick to turn the camera cutout into a multifunctional feature? The UI around the camera hole could morph into different shapes and sizes to display incoming phone calls, alerts, notifications, and more”.

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Realme also added that it finds “this idea quite appealing”, and that it decided to “turn to our loyal fans for ideas and suggestions on how such a software feature could be implemented on Realme devices”.

Realme seems way more serious about the feature, and is actively considering it as we speak.

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