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You Can Now Buy Amazon’s New Halo View Fitness Tracker

Amazon debuted its Halo View tracker earlier this year, and as of today it’s officially available to buy. The Halo View takes what was well-liked about the original Halo tracker and builds on that by adding a touch-enabled color display and more. It also lowers the price a little bit. So you’re still getting a fairly capable fitness tracker for reasonable amount of money. A better tracker in fact, for less money.

Feature-wise, the biggest improvements are the display, and the inclusion of the year-long Amazon Halo membership. Which includes guided workouts, programs, and numerous other features to make the experience better.

You can pick up the Halo View for $79.99, and Amazon offers it in a few different colors which are Sage Green, Active Black, and Lavendar Dream. All that said, if you’re planning for this to be a gift you probably want to buy soon.

You should buy the Halo View as soon as possible

The Halo View has just launched (it was available for pre-order last month), so it’s positioned to make a pretty great gift for the holidays coming up. However, if you’re planning to pick this up as a gift, you might want to buy it as soon as possible. If you look at the Amazon buy page for the tracker, it says it’ll arrive by Sunday, December 19. Which is just 5 days before Christmas Eve and 6 days before Christmas Day.

That doesn’t leave you a whole lot of time to get it wrapped and ready for whenever you dole out gifts. And that’s assuming you don’t have to ship it anywhere. Normally you’d be able to pick it up and have it delivered within a few days. Less if you’re subscribed to Amazon Prime.

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Unfortunately, the Halo View has an extended delivery time thanks to the chip shortage. And the Halo View is comprised of components that are impacted by those issues. Which translates to shipping delays.

But, all that aside, the Halo View is currently still in stock. So even if it shows up just in the nick of time, it’s still going to show up. Which is more than can be said for other consumer electronics like the PS5 which is still nearly impossible to get.

Halo View – Amazon

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