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You Can Pre-Register For Farmville 3 Today

Fans of the Farmville franchise of mobile games should be glad to know that they can pre-register for Farmville 3 starting today. According to Android Police, the popular farming simulator will officially launch on November 4th.

How do you pre-register for Farmville 3?

If you really want to play Farmville 3, you’re going to have to wait until early next month, but you can pre-register for it today. Pre-registering means that you will be notified when the game becomes available to download. For both the Google Play  Store and the Apple Store, you can set the game to automatically download when it launches. To pre-register, all you have to do is go to the app and tap the pre-register button that pops up.

What is the Farmville franchise?

For those who don’t know what Farmville is, it’s a popular and rather old farm series of farm simulation games. It was first released back in 2009 for iOS, Android, Adobe Flash, HTML5, and web browsers.

In the games, you start off with a small farm, and it’s your job to carry out the typical farming duties to build it up. This involves raising animals and harvesting materials from them to sell.  You get wool from sheep, milk from cows, eggs from hens, etc. You don’t only raise animals, you also raise plants to harvest.

When the game series launched on Facebook, it became the most popular game on the platform, and it held that title for two years. After the launch, sequels began to launch such as Farmville 2, Farmville 2: Countryside Escape, and Farmville 2: Tropical Escape.

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What’s new with Farmville 3?

Farmville 3 will introduce some neat features to the franchise. First and foremost, there will be a new breeding system. The studio behind Farmville 3, Zynga, posted a sneak peek that showed two animals welcoming a newborn into the world. The company says that you’ll be able to breed over 100 different types of animals.

It’s crazy just how expansive this game will be because you won’t only be able to manage typical farm animals. You’ll also be able to raise animals like black bears, polar bears, penguins (yes, arctic animals!) kangaroos, alligators, snapping turtles, elephants, and many more.

There’s also a weather system that will actually affect your productivity. You will have to pay attention to the weather forecasts and make decisions based on them.

Those who are excited for Farmville 3 can pre-register starting today. This game is going to be a total revamp of the popular franchise, and we can expect the official release to be well received.

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