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You can’t buy this Porsche Edition Xbox, but you can win it

Special limited edition consoles are a treat for console gamers, and the latest for Xbox fans is a special Porsche Edition of the Xbox Series X. Only, you’re unlikely to ever own this one. With many limited edition consoles, you can buy them from your favorite retailer.

But every once in a while a truly limited edition console is revealed. And in this case, the Porsche Edition is so limited you can’t actually buy it. You can however win it. Which means you’ll need to rely on luck instead of your wallet if you want to display this console in your own home.

The Porsche Edition Xbox Series X was revealed during the Summer Game Fest showcase on June 8. Host and show creator Geoff Keighley unveiled the hardware on stage as part of a celebration for Porsche’s 75th anniversary.

You have 6 chances to win the Porsche Edition Xbox Series X

If you’re interested in this console, there’s one small bit of luck with its impending arrival. You have 6 chances to win one. Interestingly, Porsche teamed up with Xbox and made a collection of these consoles, which come with matching controllers. Only six are being awarded in this contest according to its official rules page.

Should you decide to enter, you could be one of the 6 lucky people to own one of these unique Xbox units. This limited edition Xbox Series X comes in six different designs all themed after various racing colors from throughout Porsche’s history. Only the one wrapped in vibrant streaks of bold-colored lines is mostly visible though. The others can be seen, but just barely. As they’re lined up behind the one seen in the image above.

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Since six are being given away, each one is likely unique and every winner will have a slightly different design. You can view the console in all its different looks in the video from Summer Game Fest’s official tweet below. And if you want to enter the contest you can do so here.

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