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Your Neighbors Will Hate Sony’s New SRS-XV900 Party Speaker

While most companies are moving towards smart speakers, Sony is still producing some of the best non-smart speakers on the market. And that includes in its X-series of party speakers. Which, Sony just announced the new SRS-XV900. This is its most powerful X-series speaker to date. And your neighbors are going to hate it.

The SRS-XV900 will last about 25 hours for continuous playback. So that should make it through a full party and then some. It also has fast charge, so if you need some more juice, just plug it in for about 10 minutes and you’ll get 3 hours of playback here.

You can also connect the SRS-XV900 to your TV for an impressive sound experience. Since it does have some pretty deep bass and realistic high-frequency sound too. You can connect the optical cable to your TV and then select TV Sound Booster to see it in action.

Move over Extra Bass, this has MEGA BASS

Sony used to have a line of headphones and speakers that used Extra Bass, now it has moved onto MEGA BASS (in all caps too). This is going to allow users to dial up the bass on the speaker. Giving you punchy and deep bass. And with Live Sound mode, users are able to recreate the unique live sound atmosphere and relive their favorite music experience as much as they want.

Sony has also included omnidirectional party lights here and Karaoke. So this is going to be a great speaker for those that love Karaoke. You can just plug in a microphone, pick a song and give it a go.

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As if one speaker wasn’t good enough, Sony is going to let you pair up to 100 compatible Sony speakers over Bluetooth. So you can really rock out. Finally, it does also support Google Fast Pair, for quick pairing with your Android smartphone.

The Sony SRS-XV900 is available today for pre-order from Sony’s website. It will be available soon from Amazon, Best Buy and other Sony authorized dealers. It has an MSRP of $899.99.

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