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YouTube Introduces ‘Corrections’ For Already Uploaded Videos

YouTube has added a “Corrections” feature to its platform that allows creators to release correction notes for their already uploaded videos if they made any mistakes in the original video.

Publishing valid content is an essential criterion for being a trustworthy creator on YouTube. But sometimes, a creator might unknowingly make a mistake on his video. He can either write a correction note in the description or pin a comment- that few users read. Also, he can edit and re-upload the video, which causes to lose the viewers, comments, and engagement.

YouTube “Corrections” helps creators to be more trustworthy

But YouTube’s “Corrections” is designed for this. If you come up with any mistake after uploading a video, you can release a correction. The correction appears as infocards in the top right-hand corner of a video at the relevant timestamp. Viewers can tap on it and see the correction notes in the description section. Of course, the infocards appear after every video chapter.

YouTube has released full instructions for users on how to use the feature. Also, YouTube’s Creator Insider channel released a video that explains the feature and its benefits.

The YouTube “Corrections” is one of the best features recently added to the platform. It helps creators publish more trustworthy content while keeping their viewers and engagement factors. You’ll like the feature if you are a content creator on YouTube.

In recent months, YouTube has been busy with adding creator-driven features and helping users access valid information. For example, YouTube has recently revealed two new features to help people spot credible health information.

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Also, it decided to bring Shorts to the tablets and Web. This will allow creators to increase content visibility. Speaking of Shorts, YouTube announced that over 1.5 billion people watch Shorts monthly. For creators on YouTube, investing on producing Shorts could be a long-term, profitable investment.

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