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YouTube Is Getting A New Fullscreen Comments Mode On Android

YouTube is currently testing another way comments can spoil your video experience on Android devices by introducing YouTube fullscreen comments feature. YouTube’s comments section is teeming with toxicity, more than anywhere else on the web.

There are a few close-knit communities that are kind of the popular online video sharing platform. In a bid to improve the comments, YouTube is enabling users to read them in fullscreen mode on Android.

As a platform, Android has usually been a safe place where it is easier to avoid interaction with your fellow internet users On June 4, a Twitter user (@workrecandplay) announced that YouTube enabled fullscreen on Android, with the comments appearing on the right side as scrollable.

YouTube enables comments in fullscreen mode on Android

The recently surfaced view for comments in fullscreen mode is currently in limited testing, Android Police reported. A few Twitter and Reddit users have spotted a sliding panel for user replies.

When in full screen, the comments can be seen next to a minimized version of the video in a sliding panel. This multitasking feature allows you to watch content from your favorite creators but can be quite frustrating at the same time.

After checking replies to a video, you can hide the comments panel from view simply by swiping down from the top of the banner. The video returns to its usual size, once you swipe away the comments panel.

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You can currently watch a video and check the comments at the same time on your phone. However, this is only possible in portrait mode.

If this change is rolled out to more users, it would make the YouTube community more visible on mobile devices. However, it is unclear if that would be for better or worse.

YouTube timed comments beta

Aside from testing a fullscreen mode for comments, Google seems working on another feature for YouTube’s comments section.

On June 2, Google announced the timed comment system, which is currently being tested for Android and iOS. This will allow commenters to link their comments to a specific part of the video. Users can click to instantly load that section of the video.

Regrettably, Google is testing this with a very small group at the moment. For those able to try it, the option will appear in the Sort button in the comments section.

Timed comments are more complex versions of the simple timestamp.. They are similar to the replayed chat section on YouTube Live videos.

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