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YouTube TV Finally Adds The Rest Of The ViacomCBS Channels

When YouTube TV signed its deal with ViacomCBS last year to carry all of its networks, it had mentioned that seven additional networks would come later that year. Well, they are now finally available on YouTube TV. A bit later than promised, but they are here.

YouTube TV announced on Tuesday, that it has added the seven remaining channels, those are BETher, Dabl, Nicktoons, Nick Jr, teenNick, MTV2, and MTV Classic. They are all available on YouTube TV now, and can be added to your lineup. You will only need to add them to your lineup if you used a customized lineup. If you use the default lineup, it’ll be added to your guide automatically.

Surprisingly there’s no price jump this time around

Even though we knew there wouldn’t be a price jump with the addition of these channels, it’s still a bit surprising. This is because when YouTube TV added the ViacomCBS channels last year, we got the price increase. Which actually included these channels. So technically there was a price increase for these channels, but we already saw it come to our accounts.

This brings the total number of channels on YouTube TV to over 90. But as always, the sheer number of channels means little to nothing. It’s about the number of channels you actually watch. But still nice to have plenty of options with YouTube TV.

YouTube TV has also been adding new packages to its service as of late, so it’s unlikely that we’ll see another price increase in the near future. Google will just continue to add channels to those additional packages. As 92 channels sounds like a pretty good amount for the base package now. Packages is also what users have been asking for, as majority of users don’t want the majority of these channels, but are paying for them.

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