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YouTube TV has a new, smaller discount for NFL Sunday Ticket

Ahead of NFL Sunday Ticket launching on YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels later this year, Google has launched a new discount for those that sign up now.

Previously, you could get $100 off of your first year of NFL Sunday Ticket. Now, it’s just $50 off. Still a nice discount, but not quite as nice as it used to be. This new discount will be available until September 19.

Here’s what the new pricing looks like with this $50 discount:

  • NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV – $299
  • NFL Sunday Ticket + RedZone on YouTube TV – $339
  • NFL Sunday Ticket in YouTube Primetime Channels – $399
  • NFL Sunday Ticket + RedZone in YouTube Primetime Channels – $439

Why is NFL Sunday Ticket so expensive?

NFL Sunday Ticket is the most expensive sports streaming service out there, and it’s easy to explain why. With NFL Sunday Ticket, you get every single NFL game, in the pre-season, regular season and post-season. There’s no blackouts, which itself explains the pricing.

But because of the deals that the NFL has in place with CBS and FOX for broadcasting the games, the NFL has to price local games even higher. And since NFL Sunday Ticket does offer every single NFL game, it means that it has to be a lot more expensive.

By contrast, something like MLB.TV is only $149 for the season. But the big caveat here is that there are blackouts for local games. So if you live in the San Francisco area, you can’t watch the Giants games on MLB.TV. That’s where NFL Sunday Ticket comes out on top. And is more than twice as expensive, for many fewer games.

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For football fans, NFL Sunday Ticket moving to YouTube is a big deal. Now you don’t need to have a big old satellite dish on your roof for it. Nor do you even need to pay for cable TV. Since you can get it with and without YouTube TV. Obviously, it’s cheaper with YouTube TV, but if you don’t want to watch cable TV, then it’s smarter to get it with YouTube Primetime Channels.

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