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Zoom And Amazon Chime Update Rolling Out To Echo Show 10 3rd Gen

According to SlashGear if you are an Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd gen) owner you now have support for Zoom and Amazon Chime. This is a great addition to the smart display. The device came to market earlier this year and is the newest and largest in the Echo show line.

What is cool about the Show 10 is that the 10-inch display device has a motorized base. This allows it to rotate so it is always facing you. This definitely makes the new Zoom addition handy. It also is great if you use Alexa to summon a recipe and it can follow your gaze while you read.

Likewise, if you want to watch your favorite show while stuffing your face you do not have to worry about missing a second. Besides this, during video calls, you will always be properly in the frame. Oddly, the device did not support calling services like Zoom when it first launched.

Zoom and Amazon Chime support coming to Amazon Echo Show 10 3rd gen users

Zoom has become very popular in the last year, so with access to it now the Show 10 becomes more useful. Users will be able to use Alexa to join a meeting by saying “Alexa, join my meeting.” Once the user utters those magic words the Show 10 will start the call.

Of course, there is a caveat. You have to make sure your calendar is linked in the Alexa app first. When you sync your calendar with the app the Zoom meeting ID and passcode will be saved in the calendar entry.

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The Show 10 will also be able to support Amazon Chime. This came out in 2017 and it is Amazon’s own teleconferencing platform. The platform is placed to take on Skype for Business and other rivals. As with Zoom a user can start their call by saying “Alexa, join my Chime meeting.”

Just remember to link your calendar or the feature isn’t usable. The update should be rolling out to Echo Show 10 3rd gen owners now. The update will automatically install itself as well though. So even if you don’t check these things manually it’ll pop up eventually.

Of course, if you are impatient you can force a manual update via the settings. Linking the calendar is simple to do. You can do it via the Alexa app for Android and iOS. Go into the settings > calendar and email > and you will see options to link your accounts. You can link your Google, Microsoft, Apple, or Microsoft Exchange calendar.

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