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Zoom is improving the customer experience and, of course, AI plays a part

Just about every big company in the world has implemented AI into its inner machinations. One of the largest video call platforms on the web, Zoom, has also jumped on the AI train. According to Techradar, Zoom is bringing a new update to its call center that will have some neat AI functions.

It should come as no surprise that Zoom is bringing these AI tools. AI, if used correctly, could really be a great addition to a workflow. It’s able to automate certain redundant and time-consuming tasks. So, companies are embracing it as a means of boosting productivity. This is what Zoom is doing.

Zoom is bringing some AI tools to its call center and business

The company introduced a new suite of tools called its Workforce Engagement Manager. This is a collection of different business tools that can help several in-house procedures.

One tool is called Quality Management, and it’s geared toward helping call center agents better interact with the customers. This tool will use AI to analyze conversations between agents and the customers. Doing this, it could keep an eye on how they’re doing. That sounds a bit creepy, but it’s just a way to see if the agent is asking the right questions.

This could be thought of as an assistant to the supervisor. In turn, it could take some of the workload off of the supervisor’s back.

The next tool is targeted more toward the company rather than the customers. It’s called Workforce Management, and it can be used to manage how many people are staffed in a call center. The tool will analyze certain bits of historical data, and it will actually generate schedules for people based on that data.

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This is an example of AI being used to help out companies. We’re still waiting to see what else the company has in store.

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