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Baidu: What the crisis of Baidu means for companies

After years of success Baidu is now in serious trouble. The main culprits are Wechat and the Walled Gardens, which hide search results. Like Google, the Chinese search engine Baidu earns the most money through paid ads. After many years of spurting profits, the company is facing major problems. Turnover stagnated in 2019 compared to previous years at 26.3 billion yuan (3.3 billion euros), the share price has plummeted since the beginning of the year by more than 60 percent ... read more on ...

Relaxation in the trade dispute: Huawei Mate 30 could soon get Google Apps

In the trade dispute with China, the US relax the reins. The US government has reportedly given some companies the green light to resume trade with China. That could be the long-awaited U-turn for the manufacturer Huawei, who could finally deliver the Mate 30 with Google apps. ...

Counter-Strike world champions aim at the stock market

The Danish e-sports team Astralis, the world's number one in the first-person shooter Counter-Strike, wants to go public. To be redeemed between 17 and 20 million euros. More than a dozen major trophies have been collected by Danish e-sports team Astralis since its inception in 2016. Four times alone, the clan members became world champions in Counter-Strike, a first-person shooter. You are currently the best team in this e-sports discipline. Now Astralis, which has become the media company Astralis Group, wants to go public, as Bloomberg reports ... read more on ...

Android 10: The rollout has begun for these smartphones

With Android 10, Google has introduced the latest version of its mobile operating system. When naming, the company has separated from the tried and tested. But brings the firmware but many new features on the phones. TECHBOOK reveals which smartphones get the update.