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OnePlus: Again customer data stolen

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Smartphone manufacturer OnePlus lost customer data again.

K and the Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus are once again targeted by data thieves. After 40,000 data records including credit card information were stolen by hackers in January 2018, the company now announces another attack. According to a media report , it took place in early November 2019. An official statement was only on November 22, 2019. Why OnePlus with the notice so long time left, remains unclear. Previously, affected customers have been personally notified.

According to the official statement, the criminals intercepted the order details of some customers. However, no passwords or payment data were leaked. According to OnePlus, the hackers had access to e-mail addresses, mailing addresses and telephone numbers of some customers. The manufacturer considers this circumstance quite relaxed and warns only that those affected in the future could spam emails in the inbox. As many customers are affected by the theft, the company did not reveal on demand by a trade magazine.

OnePlus: Countermeasures initiated

However, OnePlus immediately took action to stop the intruder and prevent further data leakage. The manufacturer is currently working with the relevant authorities to investigate the incident. To prevent further incidents of this kind from occurring, OnePlus intends to cooperate with a renowned security platform starting in December 2019. In addition, at the end of the year, the company is launching a so-called bug bounty program that encourages experts to track down weaknesses in the OnePlus system for cash.