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Buy cheap memory: Why you should now stock up with RAM

Last updated on March 9, 2021

The prices for RAM went in the last few months more and more in the cellar. One bargain chased the next. If you are thinking of getting some RAM, you should decide quickly. Because the price drop should be over soon.

Source: Getty Images / PyvovarPavlo

Increasing prices for RAM: So expensive should be RAM again

For over a year, the prices for RAM are on the decline. While about one and a half years ago you had to put more than 170 euros for a 16 GB kit on the table, you get the same bars in direct comparison almost thrown behind. Prices of around 50 euros are no longer a rarity .

But that should change soon. According to a report by ComputerBase , as a customer you should expect that the prices for RAM in 2020 will pick up again. The announcement speaks of a price increase of about 30 percent. That may sound like a hefty price increase at first, but if you break it down, the RAM prices would still be moderate even then.

In our example above, the price of the 16GB RAM kit would increase from $ 50 to $ 65, far below the lunar prices called in the summer of 2018.

We also benefited from the low RAM prices and put together a reasonably priced gaming PC:

Increasing prices for memory: What are the reasons?

Normally, as a customer, you assume that the price of a technical product decreases with age. However, due to the sharp drop in prices, memory manufacturers like SK Hynix, Micron or Samsung are barely gaining profits by selling the RAM bars. The margin has fallen sharply.

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That should change soon. The companies have adapted their strategy accordingly. The production capacities are to be increased only slightly, instead one wants to bring mainly the production up to date. Also, expansion projects seem to be put on hold or postponed for the time being.

However, customers need not worry about prices skyrocketing from one day to the next. Currently, the acquisition costs for RAM bars do not seem to continue to fall, but only to stabilize. When exactly you can expect the price increase is not yet known. But who is just playing with the idea of gaining more RAM should best strike in a timely manner.