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Galaxy Fold: Samsung makes an embarrassing mistake selling their new smartphone

Last updated on March 9, 2021

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the first smartphone with a foldable screen that was launched by a well-known manufacturer. After a disastrous test phase in early 2019, in which test devices broke down in rows, Samsung managed to release an improved version of the fold in September.

Selling twice as much as forecast?

So far, however, it was not at all clear whether the smartphone with its price tag of over € 2,000 would appeal to buyers. Now the president of Samsung Electronic, young son, in Distrupt event of Techcrunch first mentioned in Berlin numbers. Son believes “the point is that we [Samsung, ed. Red.] Sell one million of these products ”. He further said that there were “one million people who want to use this product for $ 2,000”. Estimates to date have totaled around 500,000 units sold.

A million Galaxy Folds sold seem almost insignificant given the nearly 80 million smartphones Samsung sells each year. But with its proud price of 2100 euros, the device costs almost twice as much as Samsung’s “normal” flagship smartphone, the full-featured Galaxy Note 10.

Samsung corrects itself

The uproar over the surprisingly high sales figures did not last long. In an update, The Verge reports that Samsung has now revised its statement to the South Korean Yonhap New Agency . According to a spokesman, “Son confused the number with the company’s sales target for the year.” However, Samsung did not provide any information about the actual sales or whether the sales targets were achieved. Previously, the company had predicted to sell around 500,000 Galaxy Folds in 2019.

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